The Dunes Resort

The Town


When you’re not relaxing or partying at the Dunes, you can spend your day enjoying the beautiful Saugatuck/Douglas area. Saugatuck has a charming walkable downtown area full of awesome shops and restaurants. Plus, it’s home to a large variety of trails, outdoor excursions, and the iconic Oval Beach. If you come to visit us and are ever bored, you’re not trying hard enough.


Who doesn’t love to shop? Whether you’re just browsing or looking for a specific piece to bring home, Saugatuck has a little something for everyone. Click the button below to visit the Saugatuck website and learn all about our local stores.


The Dunes offers several quick bite options for when you want to eat on the run or walk. Plus, if you call ahead, we’ll even pack up a lunch for you so you can take it to the beach.

If you’re looking for a sit-down meal, Saugatuck has plenty of options that are bound to satisfy any cravings. Click the button below to visit the Saugatuck website and browse our local restaurants.

Recreation and Outdoor Fun

Saugatuck is home to miles of beaches, a thriving art scene, and more. Click the button below to learn about local events, workshops, classes, and everything else our little slice of nature has to offer.