Indoor Venues


When you visit The Dunes Resort, you’re signing up for a great time. You’ll get to enjoy drag shows, live DJs, and more. We bring in the country’s top LGBTQIA+ talent, so there’s always something to get your blood flowing.

The Club

The Club is open every weekend year-round! You can look forward to dancing, drinking, and maybe even catching someone’s eye on our dance floor. Dance the night away to the sounds of top DJs and talent like:
  • Dan De Leon
  • Dani Brasil
  • Aaron Aanenson
  • Guy Scheiman
  • GSP
  • Mohammad
  • Calagna
  • Tom Stephans
  • J Warren
  • Keller Shaw
  • ClubKid
  • Monica Parker
  • DigiMark
  • JohnE

The Main

Connect with new and old flames and friends at the Main Bar. We’re open seven days a week, so it’s always the perfect day to stop by. The Main is positioned between several of our most popular venues, so you’ll never miss out on what’s going on around the resort. Plus, our larger “floating” center bar is the ideal place to relax and chat.

The Show Bar

Need a fun night out? Look no further. Our Show Bar features fantastic performers from across the region. From drag to comedy and more, you never know what you’ll find at The Dunes.

  • Doors open at 10 pm
  • Showtime is at 10:30 pm
  • Open spring, summer, and fall

Look forward to acts like:

  • Kelly & Rick
  • Sutton Lee Seymour
  • Sherry Vine
  • Molly & Alex
  • Dunes Divas
  • Roy Gomez Cruz (Freddy Mercury)
  • Skyler Gentry (The Dirty Show)

The Vinyl Lounge

This is as close to a gay sports bar as you’re going to get! The Vinyl Lounge features indoor and outdoor pool tables that overlook the Main and its televisions. It’s the perfect place to spend a little time catching up with friends without missing out on the fun that’s going on in the Main and the Club.

  • Pool tables, relaxing seating, and more
  • Bartenders are there to serve you on holidays and Friday and Saturday nights
  • The game room is open every day