Memorial Weekend — AMAZING!

Summer is on it’s way and things are in full swing at the Dunes Resort! Memorial Day was memorable as always. The weather was awesome, the pool was teaming with people, and DJ Phil B packed out the dance floors for Holiday Tea. If you missed it, too bad, but you’ve got two more holidays this summer to come up, rent a room, and party on a three day weekend!

There are lots more events planned for this summer too. This weekend the resort will be taken over by DJ collective Loose Ends, featuring music by Shaun J Wright from Chicago based record label Twirl, Vicki Powell of Deep South ATL, Jeffrey Sfire of Detroit’s Macho City, Oscar Pineda from the San Fransico Eagle’s Pound Puppy pup nights, and of course Chicago’s DJ Harry Cross, who brought us the wild and sexy Men’s Room event here a couple years ago. It’s guaranteed to be a good time, so give us a call and make your reservations soon, the resort is expected to sell out fast for this one!

The new year came but the Dunes has stayed the same great LGBT resort you know and love, with a few upgrades, of course. We’ve kept things fresh around here with new light features in the main bar, new expanded stock in our swimwear & underwear gift shop, and a few fresh faces in our bar staff. Expect to hear more about our sexy bartenders, both newbies and veterans, in upcoming blog posts!

The Dunes Resort continues to be the Midwest’s largest and longest running LGBT resort, but as always anyone and everyone is welcome here. Our slogan for this year is “Hate has no home here”, and we’ll make sure that the Dunes Resort continues to hold true to this, making us a safe refuge for all who want to spend a few relaxing days partying and having fun! Call us at 269-857-1401 to make reservations, or just stop in anytime for a good time.