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Nick, more commonly known as Nickel Pickel, has been a bartender at The Dunes Resort for two seasons now. His spunky attitude and witty sense of humor are what he believes makes his drinks (shots) taste so good! He is a loving mother to a furry and ferocious overweight feline named Trey. In his free time, Nick enjoys sipping cocktails with his friends, traveling as much as possible, and cake by the lake. During the off season, aside from being an honor role student and just downright #fabulous, Nick enjoys long, blustery walks through the snow and romantic wine nights. Come on in & get a cocktail from Nick sometime this summer, his youthful spirit will help keep you girls young!

Ginger (Ben)


Todd began his career in bartending with the Dunes Resort in 2012 after retiring from the City of Kalamazoo where he worked as a Police Officer and Firefighter. “Officer Todd” or “OTC” as we call him at the Dunes Resort has dedicated his professional life to that of public service and continues that service today while serving the customers of the Dunes Resort. Todd is a US Army combat veteran, holds a bachelor degree from Western Michigan University, and is a published Author. His works include: Out of the Darkness and Into the Blue— Todd tackles many of the most important topics in law enforcement today, from racial profiling and deadly force to the challenges LGBT individuals face in a predominantly heterosexual field. And Tommy Hawks Hill— A never-before-published book of poetry offering a fresh, personal view into the highs and lows of American life during the turn of the twentieth century.

While sitting at the pool with a red slushy in hand Danny asked me, “So Todd, what are you going to do with all of your time after you retire?” I told him, “Well, I’m sure I’ll be here a lot more.” With his naturally quick and witty personality he replied, “Well, why don’t you tell Mike you want to be a bartender?” This was one of the best five-second conversations I’d ever had and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. After a recent deployment to Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010 I found that I’d changed as a person and had become more isolated and less social. I was that “wall flower” guy at the bar who wouldn’t walk up and talk to anyone and when I did only stupid words came out of my mouth. Becoming a bartender at the Dunes was very healthy and helpful for me to help re-associate myself back into society. The Dunes Resort has helped me become “me” again.

Todd lives to inspire and motivate people to do great things in life and for others.



Mikey “the beartender”
Mikey came to the dunes for an employee turnabout show and had so much fun he applied for a job, 3 days later he was hired.  Mikey is in this 4th summer with the dunes this year.  He is a full time student pursuing a doctorate degree in physical therapy.  When you run into Mikey you will know it because you may end up sparkling a little more.  He is known as the beartender because of is furry and cuddly features but don’t be afraid he is a lover not a fighter.  He lives by “if the bear is hungry he’ll eat it doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or girl”.

Mamoon a.k.a. Moon, is our new COCKtail server. Find him at the pool in his speedo, & ask him about his speciality drink. He is a young and spry college student, striving to heal the world, one gay at a time. Little guy with big dreams, and other big things. Born and raised in the dirty D, he is excited to spend the summer here at The Dunes Resort in Saugatuck. His flawless face, and contoured jaw is always ready for whatever may come his way! Come on in and enjoy him in his habitat, he loves the attention.

Benjamin, 30, International Business Student
My three favorite things are Beyoncé, cookies, and glitter.  I’m often obnoxious, but always loveable. I am most passionate about travel – I haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on my list.
Do one thing for your dream each day… Life is too short to be anything less than fabulous!

Hey my name is Dan, one of the many beautiful Dunes bartenders! This is where you find out about me, but that would be too easy so you’ll have to come find me at my bar. See you soon!



DJ Doug is the resident DJ at the Dunes Resort and resides in Detroit, MI with his partner and pooch Paco.


At the ripe young age of 21, Noe found his life long passion in the Dunes Rooms of the resort.  After many regular visits he realized that a few weekends a year just were simply not enough!  (Can anyone blame him?)  Upon receiving his certificate of completion from Miss Tarron Marrott’s finishing school for ladies and the gays, Noe was accepted into the Dunes family on a full time basis as slinger of pull tabs and the official welcome wagon.  You can catch him hosting Karaoke, and volunteering for Charity Bingo as well as behind the front desk.

In memory of Tarron Marrott who is eternally Stuck on Perfect!
She will always be missed.  RIP!

The wonderful people that keep you fed:  Alex, Zach and Clinton!



The amazing bar staff of 2016!

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