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Ben is his given name but Ginger is his favorite nickname. He has been in Kalamazoo for the past four years at school and wants to spice things up with bartending at The Dunes Resort. Ginger can always be found having a good time behind the bar and in front of it. Come visit and find out more about Ginger!

Ben, aka Ginger, a bartender at The Dunes Resort
Tyler, a member of the Dunes Resort Team


Todd began his career in bartending with the Dunes Resort in 2012 after retiring from the City of Kalamazoo where he worked as a Police Officer and Firefighter. “Officer Todd” or “OTC” as we call him at the Dunes Resort has dedicated his professional life to that of public service and continues that service today while serving the customers of the Dunes Resort. Todd is a US Army combat veteran, holds a bachelor degree from Western Michigan University, and is a published Author. His works include: Out of the Darkness and Into the Blue— Todd tackles many of the most important topics in law enforcement today, from racial profiling and deadly force to the challenges LGBT individuals face in a predominantly heterosexual field. And Tommy Hawks Hill— A never-before-published book of poetry offering a fresh, personal view into the highs and lows of American life during the turn of the twentieth century.

While sitting at the pool with a red slushy in hand Danny asked me, “So Todd, what are you going to do with all of your time after you retire?” I told him, “Well, I’m sure I’ll be here a lot more.” With his naturally quick and witty personality he replied, “Well, why don’t you tell Mike you want to be a bartender?” This was one of the best five-second conversations I’d ever had and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. After a recent deployment to Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010 I found that I’d changed as a person and had become more isolated and less social. I was that “wall flower” guy at the bar who wouldn’t walk up and talk to anyone and when I did only stupid words came out of my mouth. Becoming a bartender at the Dunes was very healthy and helpful for me to help re-associate myself back into society. The Dunes Resort has helped me become “me” again.

Todd lives to inspire and motivate people to do great things in life and for others.

Todd, aka Officer Todd or OTC, a bartender at the Dunes Resort
Tony, a bartender at the Dunes Resort

Having previously tended multiple bars back in the Kalamazoo area, Tony is very excited to step it up and be apart of The Dunes Resort bartending team for his very first season! Besides being ready to have a little fun and get back to slinging drinks behind the bar, he also works as a full time practicing Emergency/Trauma Registered Nurse. In his free time you can find him out on the boat with a couple beers, enjoying the outdoors with friends, or traveling. Be sure to introduce yourself, and don’t be shy! He surely isn’t!

Lance, shooting for rookie of the year here at gay summer camp! Visiting for the season from Chicago where I cut my teeth as a cocktologist at a variety of venues across the city. A true power- verse; I’ll make your favorite manhattan or mai Thai while chatting about drag race or the tigers.

Lance, a bartender at The Dunes Resort
An employee at the Dunes Resort


Breo, a bartender at the Dunes Resort
Benjamin, a bartender at the Dunes Resort

Benjamin, 30, International Business Student
My three favorite things are Beyoncé, cookies, and glitter.  I’m often obnoxious, but always loveable. I am most passionate about travel – I haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on my list.
Do one thing for your dream each day… Life is too short to be anything less than fabulous!

Hey my name is Dan, one of the many beautiful Dunes bartenders! This is where you find out about me, but that would be too easy so you’ll have to come find me at my bar. See you soon!

Dan, a bartender at the Dunes
Steve, a bartender at the Dunes Resort



Sean, a bartender at the Dunes Resort
DJ Doug, resident DJ at the Dunes Resort

With a love for dance music and all things technical,  Doug started DJing years ago; spinning in many bars and clubs in the Detroit Metro area and in Windsor Ontario.  After being a Dunes patron for many years,  he started to DJ Dunes Pool parties in the summer of 2013. His personality and music style was a perfect fit for The Dunes, and eventually moved into the Main Bar; and in Summer of 2015, he became our Resident DJ.  He makes his home in Allen Park,  MI with his husband Steve, their cat Kiki and their very popular Chihuahua puppy,  Paco.


Robert, a bartender at the Dunes Resort

At the ripe young age of 21, Noe found his life long passion in the Dunes Rooms of the resort.  After many regular visits he realized that a few weekends a year just were simply not enough!  (Can anyone blame him?)  Upon receiving his certificate of completion from Miss Tarron Marrott’s finishing school for ladies and the gays, Noe was accepted into the Dunes family on a full time basis as slinger of pull tabs and the official welcome wagon.  You can catch him hosting Karaoke, and volunteering for Charity Bingo as well as behind the front desk.


Andrew, a bartender at the Dunes Resort

Matthew, a bartender at the Dunes Resort



Kyle, a bartender at the Dunes Resort
Richard, a bartender at the Dunes Resort



The amazing bar staff of 2018!

The 2018 Dunes Resort Team of employees

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