Saugatuck/Douglas, MI

The Dunes Resort
333 Blue Star Hwy
Douglas, MI 49406

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Upcoming Events in 2014

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There's a reason why gay women and men rank The Dunes among the hottest gay mens resorts in the country: the unmatched gay bars and lentertainment complex! Party and play at the largest of the Midwest's gay and lesbian resorts in Saugatuck, Michigan and enjoy:

  • A four seasons gay nightclub featuring the area's best DJs
  • A cabaret with live entertainment
  • One of the best outdoor patio gay bars in Michigan
  • A new game room that overlooks the main bar and deck
  • Poolside drinks and entertainment all summer long

Your Choice for Gay Men Resorts to See and Be Seen
See gay nightclub pics of Michigan gays at previous events.

The Dunes Pool and Pool bar is open daily May - September and is the "place to be" on sunny afternoons during your gay friendly Saugatuck-Douglas vacation. The Dunes Resort is the top choice in gay bars in Michigan!

Entertainment and Events @ The Dunes Gay Men and Lesbian Resorts
Saugatuck Douglas, Michigan

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Entertainment Highlights From the Dunes Gay Bars!

TRAVEL The Dunes Resort: A gay Midwest mecca
They ate pizza and drank margaritas that September day in 1998, brainstorming their future. Partners Mike Jones, Danny Esterline and Greg Trzybinski had just finished moving furniture out of a cottage in Douglas, Mich., when they came up with the idea to buy a gay bar.

The next day, they called a realtor friend of theirs. And so changed the rest of their lives - and the gay scene in the Midwest. On May 26, 1999, the trio took over ownership of The Douglas Dunes, which has since been renamed The Dunes Resort.

"Well, I guess you shouldn't eat pizza, drink margaritas and try to plan your life.... You just never know what's going to happen," Jones said, laughing.

Read the complete Windy City Times article here

Read the Instinct Magazine article "Day Trip...Turned Gay trip"
Employment Opportunities!


The Dunes Resort, Saugatuck MI - 2014 DJ List:
Doug Roberts • Mark Vallese
Pauolo • Joe Gauthreaux • Hector Fronseco • Roland Belmares
Seth Cooper • Grind • Greg Drescher • Michael B • Monica Parker
and Ralphi Rosario
See our: gay DJ spin dates at the Dunes.


The Dunes Resort, Saugatuck MI - 2014 Cabaret Line-Up:
Amy & Freddy • Kelly & Rick • Dunes Divas • Hannaniah Whitley   • Sean Wiggins
Sami Grisafe  • Suzanne Westenhoefer
See our: cabaret performers bios at the Dunes

Have fun in Gay Saugatuck Michigan

The Dunes Resort – Come Out and Play…

For over 33 years, The Dunes Resort has provided a simple, comfortable gay friendly hotel experience. Gays and lesbians come to escape the doldrums of Middle America and enjoy a day, weekend, or complete vacation. Now crowned one of the largest gay mend resorts and entertainment complexes in the Midwest, The Dunes Resort, formerly the Douglas Dunes Resort, is heralded as Western Michigan's premier gay and lesbian vacation destination and a pinnacle of the gay Saugatuck - Douglas community.

Here's more about a gay friendly vacation at The Dunes.

Download the 2014 Event Calendar

2014 Events

Karaoke every Friday  – April 18,
Every Thursday beginning 4/24 9p

Bingolicious every Sunday 4-7p  – May 11, 2014

January 2014
01/04   Men of Manwatch
01/11   DJ Doug R
01/18   Men of Manwatch
01/25   DJ Mark V

February 2014

02/01   DJ Mark V, Men of Manwatch, Sports Uniform Night
02/02   Super Bowl

02/08   DJ Mark V

02/15   Men of Manwatch, DJ Doug R

02/22  DJ Doug R

March 2014
03/01   Men of Manwatch

03/02   Watch/Vote the Academy Awards @ The Dunes

03/08   DJ Doug R
03/15   Men of Manwatch

03/22   Buns & Basket Bash/MML Pre-IML Benefit, DJ Mark V

03/29   Girls Night Out, DJ Monica Parker 9p (Meet & Greet 4-7 with $1off drinks, snacks and free pool)  11p-1a $4 u call it Absolute!


April 2014

04/04   Karaoke 9p

04/05   DJ Doug R, TG Prom

04/06   Bingolicious 4-7p



Spring Bear Weekend
04/11   Bear-e-oke

04/12   DJ Mark V, Cabaret Kelly & Rick, Men of Manwatch

04/13   Bingolicious 4-7p, Miss Dunes Resort Contest 9pm

04/18 Karaoke 9p
04/19 DJ Doug R
04/20 Bingolicious 4-7p

Karaoke moves to Thursday 9P


33rd Annual Black & White Anniversary
04/25   DJ Mark V, Men of Manwatch

04/26   Annual Pool Tournamnet, PM DJ Doug R, Masquerade Ball,
Cabaret Hannaniah Whitle,
Men of Manwatch

04/27   Summer’s First Tea Dance-Black & White Tea DJ Doug R 4-9p Bingolicious 4-6p


May 2014
Mr Michigan Leather Pre-IML Benefit, DJ Mark V

05/03   Mr Dunes Leather Contest, DJ Mark V

05/04   Tea Dance 4-9p DJ Mark V, Bingolicious 4-6p


05/09 DJ Doug R

05/10 Men of Manwatch, DJ Doug R; CVB Fashion Show

05/11 Tea Dance 4-9p DJ Doug R, Last Bingolicious till Fall 4-6p


Save a Horse/Ride a Cowboy Weekend

05/16 MIGRA, Country Western DJ TBA, Men of Manwatch

05/17 ILGRA, Country Western DJ TBA, Cabaret Country Drag

05/18 Country Tea Dance 4 – 9p DJ TBA, GR Renagades


Memorial Day Weekend 05/23 – 05/26

05/23   DJ Mark V, Men of Manwatch, Cabaret Hannaniah Whitley

05/24   Opening Day Pool DJ Doug R, PM DJ Doug R, Cabaret AMy & Freddy

05/25 Tea DJ  4-7 Doug R//DJ Ralphi Rosario 7-2a (Men of Manwatch-Tea), Cabaret Kelly & Rick

05/26 Tea Dance DJ Mark Vallese 4-9p


June 2014
Summer Woman’s Weekend

05/30 Comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer (advance tickets recommended)
DJ Monica Parker, Girls of Manwatch, Cabaret Karaoke

05/31 DJ Monica Parker, Girls of Manwatch, Cabaret Sami Grisafe

06/01 Hat Tea Dance DJ Mark V. 4-9p


Underwear Weekend

06/06   DJ Mark V, Men of Manwatch (Boxer Briefs)

06/07   DJ Doug R, Cabaret Amy & Freddy  (Tightee Whitees)

06/08 Swim Suit Tea Dance DJ Doug R 4-9p (Men of Manwatch @ Tea)


Uniform Weekend

06/13 DJ Doug R, Men of Manwatch
06/14 Officer’s Ball, DJ Doug R, Cabaret Dunes Divas

06/15 Country Western Tea  Dance DJ TBA 4-9p


Dirty Disco Weekend

06/20 DJ Doug R, Men of Manwatch

06/21 Inferno, DJ Mark V, Cabaret Hannaniah Whitley

06/22   Dog Pound Tea Dance DJ Mark V. 4-9p


Proud Weekend

F 06/27 DJ Mark V, Men of Manwatch

S 06/28 DJ Mark V,  Cabaret Kelly & Rick

S 06/29 Pride Tea Dance DJ Mark V 4-9p


July 2014
Red, White on Blue Star!

Tuesday July 1 Stripper Night 10pm

W 07/02 DJ Mark Vallese 9p, Men of Manwatch

TH 07/03 Pool DJ Doug R 1-6, PM DJ Ralphi Rosario, Cabaret Hannaniah W.

F 7/04 Tea 4-7 DJ Doug R, DJ Joe Gauthreaux 7p-2a, Men of Manwatch @ Tea, Cabaret Amy & Freddy

S 07/05 Porn @ The Pool w 1-6p DJ Seth Cooper, DJ Hector Fronseco 9p-2a, Cabaret Kelly & Rick

S 07/06 Tea Dance DJ Mark V 4-7pm, DJ Roland Belmares 7-Cl, Men of Manwatch @ Tea, Cabaret Dunes Divas 10:30p



Tuesday July 8 Stripper Night 10pm


Wednesday July 9 Pool Cookout & Wet Willie 6-8pm


Sand Storm Weekend

07/10 DJ Mark V, Employee Turnabout

07/11 DJ Greg Drescher, Men of Manwatch, Cabaret Kelly Unplugged

07/12 Pool DJ Mark V1-6, PM DJ Greg Drescher, Cabaret The Ruby Girls

07/13 Military Tea DJ Mark V 4-9p, Cabaret Diva's Show 9:30p


Wednesday July 16 Pool Cookout & Wet Willie 6-8pm

Christmas in July

07/17 Karaoke

07/18 DJ Doug R, Men of Manwatch, Cabaret Hannaniah Whitley

07/19 Pool DJ Doug R 1-6, DJ Mark V 9p, Cabaret Hannaniah Whitley           

07/20 ChristmasTea DJ Mark V 4-9 (Men of Manwatch-Tea), Cabaret Divas Show 9:30p


Wednesday July 23 Pool Cookout & Wet Willie 6-8pm



07/24 Karaoke

07/25 DJ Mark V, Men of Manwatch, Cabaret Kelly & Rick

07/26 Pool DJ Doug R 1-6, DJ Ralphi Roasario 9p, Cabaret Kelly & Rick

07/27 Wigged Out Tea DJ Doug R 4-9, Cabaret: Dunes Divas Show 9:30p


Tuesday July 29 Stripper Night 10pm

August 2014


07/31 Karaoke

08/01 DJ Doug R, Men of Manwatch, Cabaret: Hannaniah Whitley

08/02 Pool DJ Doug R 1-6, DJ Greg Drescher 9p, Cabaret, Hannaniah Whitley (Colt Studio Event)

08/03 Underwear Tea DJ Mark V. (Men of Manwatch @ Tea), Cabaret Divas show 9:30p


Wednesday August 6 Pool Cookout & Wet Willie 6-8pm


Mardi Gras Weekend

08/07 Karaoke

08/08 DJ Mark V, Men of Manwatch, Amy & Freddy

08/09 Pool DJ Doug R 1-6, DJ Doug R 9p, Cabaret Amy & Freddy

08/10 Country Western Tea DJ TBA, Cabaret Divas Show 9:30p


Tuesday August 12 Stripper Night 10pm


White Party Weekend
08/14 Karaoke

08/15 DJ Mark V, Men of Manwatch, Cabaret: Kelly & Rick

08/16 Pool DJ Doug R 1-6, DJ Greg Drescher 9p, Cabaret Kelly & Rick

08/17 White Tea DJ Doug R, Men fo Manwatch @ Tea, Cabaret Divas Show 9:30p


Wednesday August 20 Pool Cookout & Wet Willie 6-8pm


End of Summer Blues

08/21   Karaoke

08/22   DJ Doug R, Men of Manwatch, Cabaret, Kelly & Rick

08/23   Pool DJ Doug R 1-6, DJ Mark V 9p, Cabaret, Hannaniah Whitley

08/24   Blue Tea DJ Mark V 4p

Summer’s going to Come Again/Labor Day Weekend

08/28 Karaoke

08/29 DJ Ralphi Rosario Men of Manwatch, Cabaret Dunes Divas

08/30  Pool Party DJ Doug R 1-6,  DJ Paulo 9-2a, Cabaret: Kelly Unplugged

08/31 Tea DJ Doug R 4-7//DJ Grind 7-2a (Men of Manwatch-Tea), Cabaret Amy & Freddy

09/01 Labor Day Tea DJ Mark V 4-10p

September 2014

Leather Weekend

09/04 No Karaoke, See you next week!

09/05 DJ Mark V

09/06 Leather Night, DJ Mark V

09/07 No Tea Dance – See you next week!


All about Car’s Weekend

09/12 DJ Doug R, Men of Manwatch

09/13 DJ Doug R, Cabaret Kelly & Rick

09/14 Dog Pound Tea DJ Mark V 4-9p


MML Weekend

09/19 MML Leather Events

09/20 Mr. Michigan Leather Contest

09/21 Country Western Tea DJ TBA


Fall Women’s Weekend

09/26 DJ Monica Parker, Karaoke, Go/Go Girls

09/27 DJ Monica Parker, Cabaret Sean Wiggins, Go/Go Girls

09/28 Sports Jersey Tea DJ Doug R 4-9p

October 2014

Fall TG Weekend

10/03 DJ Mark V

10/04 DJ Mark V, Cabaret: Kelly Unplugged

10/05 High Heel Tea Dance DJ Mark V 4-9p


Colorfest Weekend Grab Magazine

10/10 DJ Doug R, Men of Manwatch

10/11 DJ Doug R, Cabaret, Hannaniah Whitley

10/12 Summers Final Tea/ Pervert Tea, DJ Doug R (Men of Manwatch @ Tea)


Make A Wish Benefit Weekend

10/17 DJ Mark V

10/18 Benefit Show & Auction

10/19 Bingolicious 4-7p



10/24 DJ Mark V 9p, Scavenger Hunt 6p

10/25 Halloween Parade & Costume Contest, DJ Doug Men of Manwatch, Cabaret: Karaoke

10/26 Bingolicious 4-7p

November 2014

Monday - Wednesday Hours 2pm - 10pm - 11/3

Euchre/Pot Luck Every Thursday 6p

Karaoke Every Friday 9p

DJ or Men of Manwatch Every other Saturday

Bingolicious Every Sunday 4-7p


11/01 DJ Mark V

11/08 Men of Manwatch

11/15 DJ Doug R

11/22 Men of Manwatch

11/27 Thanksgiving Day Dinner @ The Dunes 6pm, Euchre immediately following

11/29 DJ Doug R

December 2014

12/06 Toys for Kids Benefit Show

12/13 Men of Manwatch
12/20 DJ Mark V

Closed December 25

12/27 DJ Mark V

12/28 Bingolious 4-7pm


Wednesday 12/31 DJ Doug R, Cabaret TBA

Thursday 01/01 Ice Tea 4-9p DJ Mark V.


 Happy New Year 2015





April 2014

April 2014 - March 2014

Spring TG Weekend 4/4-4/6

Spring Bear Weekend 4/11 - 4/13
Miss Dunes Resort 4/13

Easter Bonnet Contest 4/20

33rd Anniversary
Black & White Masquerade Ball
4/25 - 4/27
Summer's First Tea Dance 4/27

Bingolicious 2014

Bingolicious 2014 - October 2013

Bingo Every Sunday 4-7pm
W/Drink specials 4-6!

Hosted by your favorite drag personalities!

Anniversary Weekend

Anniversary Weekend - April 2014

33 Annual Black and White anniversary weekend .. and Masquerade Ball!

Summer 2014

Summer 2014 - December 2013

The Best of the Best!

TG 2014

TG 2014 - February 2014

TG Weekend October 3-5

Summer Women's Weekend

Summer Women's Weekend - March 2014

Summer Women's Weekend
May 30 - June 1

Comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer 5/30 9pm
Advance tickets suggested 269-857-1401

Singer Songwriter Sami Grisafe 5/31
10:30pm in the Cabaret

DJ Monica Parker
Go/Go Girls
Hat Tea
Pool Parties